4 Ways to Make Money with Programming

Programming is the bussiness of the future. The problem is to actually get into it.

In this post you will be able to choose the niche that you like the most and we will give you some ideas on how to exploit it to get some money, with proof of what can be achieved.
Keep reading and you’ll see everything you’re missing…


PC games give small earnings quickly

Games. Many hate games as a way to sell what they develop. Others always wanted to make them but they never got the chance.
For those who want to start in this area, there are many free platforms available (with some requiring minimum payment) to design games easily.

One of them is PICO-8.

Friendly menus, simple graphics, all in one!
Friendly menus, simple graphics, all in one!

With 8-bit graphics and arcade sounds from the ‘90s, this platform allows you to design simple but addictive games, draw graphics very easily and even make your own music.

The games are usually available for free but the community is very supportive when it comes to donations.
If your deal is something more artistic, Pixel Arts are easy to design and sell for 1 or 2 dollars within this platform.

Requirements: basic lua programming language (PICO-8)

EXTRA: If you find this interesting, we got FREE Pixel Arts for you. Go and start using them in your first game.

GitHub for managing your own project

If you already have some knowledge in programming and do not want to depend on other platforms, you can be independent and develop from your own PC. The disadvantage of this is that you will isolate yourself from the market and from the community.

The solution?
Take advantage of communities like GitHub where you can share your projects and get help from other collaborators.

More than 1.8 million companies and organizations use GitHub
More than 1.8 million companies and organizations use GitHub

Work is quicker and you will overcome knowledge gaps more quickly.

If on the other hand, you want your project to remain secret and only grant a few select people access to it, there are premium options available.
In conclusion, freedom is great when it comes to having a project of your own but you have to be able to do it by yourself.

Requirements: know at least 1 programming language and be able to organize a project alone.

Python and how to generate solutions for every problem

Everyone is talking about Python. If you want to start using it, you have to know that the number of options offered are huge.
Python is very easy to use.

The Python console is super simple and smart!
The Python console is super simple and smart!

Only requires a free installation, a couple of lines of code and you’ll start seeing results. According to what we want to do, you will have to choose the version that suits you best among those available.

But do not be deceived.
It may seem simple at first glance but you can achieve very complex projects.
The only matter that remains is to actually find a platform to distribute your product.

Requirements: Install Python and learn to program with it.

EXTRA: if you want to see an easy idea to make with Python, we leave you a dice simulator made by us.

Mobile applications are easy money

Although many do not like it, the market is opting for mobile applications more and more, because they are easy to make and they leave great profits.

Year-on-year profits in Google Play and App Store increase by billions of dollars
Year-on-year profits in Google Play and App Store increase by billions of dollars

Companies are killing themselves to enter this market; now we tell YOU how to enter this party and take your rightful piece of the cake! (this cake is not a lie)

The first problem we encountered is the difficulty with programming an App.
Android Studio, Unity and other similar platforms can only be used if one has a NASA PC. But there are much more accessible alternatives:

  1. App Inventor: if you have a basic idea of programming, this very visual program will be ideal for you.

    Buttons and cards guide the user to program a new App
    Buttons and cards guide the user to program a new App

    Create interactive menu Apps and develop solutions for different problems. It isn’t actually designed for game development, but we are sure you can adapt it easily to games!

  2. Love2d: Most Android development programs use Java as their main programming language. Have you ever tried to learn or program something with Java? Or simply understand where an error is coming from? It’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to understand.
    Love2d gives us the best alternative by using a super intuitive and also very adaptable programming language: lua. It’s actually super handy because it is designed for making games.

Both programs are very easy to learn and in a short period of time you can have an App ready for Google Play or App Store. Once uploaded you can choose to charge for the download of your App or to place ads within it.
The key is always to know how to distribute the App and grow your audience.

Requirements: minimum programming knowledge (or a bit of lua)

EXTRA: To show you that all this is something super achievable, we bring you the game we designed using Love2d: “Survival Cow”

Do not let the lasers hit the cow, or it will stop feeling good...
Do not let the lasers hit the cow, or it will stop feeling so good…

It is a FREE App on Google Play, with ads that earn some money according to the number of users who are using it. It is a simple but addictive game and it shows how to achieve a revenue by programming.

Results one week after launch

With 1000 to 10,000 downloads it is estimated that you can earn 2000 to 5000 dollars per month, only with ads.


All of the above are good ways to start earning money by programming. There are many more options out there, one for everyone.

However, it usually isn’t enough.
The trick is to know how to “scale”, mainly by reaching more audiences. You just have to keep this in mind:

[PROBLEM]  --Programming-->  (SOLUTION)  --Platform-->  [MARKET]

And don’t forget the power of digital marketing on social media.

Do you know other options? Leave your comments if you want to know more about these topics. We will continue to update the numbers on the App earnings section, so that you can see everything it achieves on Google Play.

Until next time!

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