We decided to make an Android game from scratch: Survival Cow

We think you can relate when we say:

Making a game using Android Studio is something IMPOSSIBLE. The power needed to make it work is not available to everyone.
This time we bring you a game made from scratch by us, without using Android Studio, and totally FREE!

We programmed it using love2d (v 0.10.1), with lua programming language. Very easy to use and to program once you understand the concept of “classes”.

Keep reading and discover the amazing game of a cow and its journey through Google Play …

This is what can be achieved

Run Cow,run for your life!

In simple words:

  • We created an exciting game about a cow that escapes from an alien invasion

In Survival Cow you have to dodge lasers, avoid being abducted by evil aliens and collect milk bottles to earn points and keep advancing towards victory.

What’s outstanding about it?

There will be many obstacles in the way, but not to worry, the best escape tool will be in the hands of the enemy.

If you are using your cell phone right now, go directly to the Google Play tab and download it. Unfortunately it is not yet available in the Apple Store, so we apologize to iOs users.

LINK to our loved cow in Google Play

In case you are reading this on your PC, we leave the link to the game’s promotional page. There you have images, gifs and videos about what to expect from the game.

LINK to survivalcow.copitosystem.com

This is how we did it!

It has been months since we wanted to enter the world of mobile ​​games and applications.

This is the eternal dilemma:

It seems a titanic and very complicated task… but in that we were very wrong.

Applying basic programming knowledge, we managed to make an app that worked without errors and that seemed to meet all the necessary requirements to be used.


A “template for classes” was the basis on which the entire game was mounted.

It took less than 2 months to finish and have it available for all audiences on Google Play (with some periods of distraction in between).

Two stages: program the game and upload it to Google Play

One of the main problems we had to face was to compile the app in the programming language accepted for Android.

The final assembly process of the app can be somewhat complex and deceptive.

What was the central problem?

The game is programmed in Lua language, while Android is managed in Java language.

A conversion between the languages ​​was necessary to be able to compile the final versions.

With the first step completed and the application completed, we enter the universe of Google. We wanted a platform that would reach the largest number of users, and Google Play offered that (for a small fee, compared to the Apple Store option).

Being our first time, the result is being very favorable and rewarding:

Google Play is a gold mine

More and more companies are accepting the power of mobile applications and the money they handle.

Do you think I exaggerate?

The most recent case is that of Blizzard with its mobile version of the Diablo saga.

We did not want to stay out of that party. That’s why we started developing apps in our own way, to learn and bring all the info to you.

Google Play Console has many restrictions, but it also offers many services. Among these services we can find internal test systems, as well as alpha and beta tests to test the versions that are being uploaded.

Why is this important?

Everything that the Google Play Console offers allows you to find important errors early (before they reach the general public).

And something very interesting:

It allows us to foresee the possible response of our audience to our app.


What can you expect in the future?

Survival Cow will continue to grow and add updates to incorporate more features.

All the comments and contributions from readers of Copito System will define the path that the app takes in the future.

So share and leave your comments if you want to participate in the next project.

Stay tuned!

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