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Choi Kang-mon wins thrilling upset against Chung-Ang University—Oh Joo-won’s strong performance

The Monsters pulled off a miraculous and thrilling upset against Chung-Ang University.

On the 67th episode of JTBC’s entertainment program “Choi Kang Baseball,” which aired at 10:30 p.m. on the 20th, the results of the first game between the Choi Kang Monsters and Chung-Ang University were revealed.

The Monsters gave up two runs in the first inning and lost the lead to Chung-Ang University. The Monsters made up for it with a run in the bottom of the first, but the momentum was still in favor of Chung-Ang University. Chung-Ang University added another run in the top of the third, and the bats of the Monsters were unable to capitalize on the strong pitching of starting pitcher Kim Do-yoon.

Thanks to PD Kim Joo-ah, the official ‘defeat fairy’ of ‘CHOEAU BASEBALL’, the Monsters were unable to capitalize on their scoring chances and were left stranded. In the top of the fifth inning, they gave up another RBI single to Jungang University’s Go Dae-rae, further widening the score to 1-4.

In the fifth inning, Jungkook Monsters manager Kim Sung-geun chose Oh Joo-won to turn the tide. In his first appearance in 83 days, Oh turned the tide of the game with his ruler-like pitches, striking out batters in the middle of the order. However, with two outs and the bases loaded in the bottom of the sixth inning, Park Yong-taek’s hit was blocked by a diving catch by Jungang University right fielder Yoon Sang-hyuk.

The Monsters refused to give up and tried to make a comeback in the seventh inning. Park Jae-wook, the “Man of Ten RBIs,” hit a sacrifice fly with the bases loaded in the bottom of the seventh, and Won Sung-joon hit a sacrifice fly to bring the score to 3-4.

The time when even professional players miss the ball the most is when the sun goes down and darkness sets in. The goddess of victory smiled on the Monsters. In the bottom of the eighth inning, Park Jae-wook had two outs again. After a full count, Park’s hard hit ball sailed through the air, and everyone expected an out. However, due to the stadium lights, Chung-Ang University’s left fielder Chun Jeong-min missed Park’s ball, and the game-winning run scored.

Oh Joo-won, the “Oh Jae-won”, stayed on the mound until the end, and the game ended 6-4. Coach Kim Sung-geun reflected on the game, saying, “You never know where baseball is going to take you.”

The miraculous come-from-behind victory gave the Monsters their 19th win of the season. The Monsters are now just three wins away from securing Season 3.

In addition to Oh Joo-won, who topped the official ERA list with 3.2 innings of 2-strikeout, no-hit ball in his first appearance in 83 days, and Park Jae-wook, the hero of the game-winning hit, PD Kim Joo-ah, the official victory fairy of “Cheong Wa Dae Baseball,” were also nominated for MVP. 토토사이트

Jang Si-won awarded all three nominees the MVP, making Kim Joo-ah the first member of the production team to receive the award. PD Kim Joo-ah said, “Thank you all for your efforts to help me escape my jinx, and I hope I can pass it on and go to Okinawa.”

Oh Joo-won said, “A lot of people were worried about where I was going. It was never bad. I think the director wanted to use it at the most important moment, and he didn’t disappoint. The winner is the one who does well at the end. I will do well until the end.”

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