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Goodbye, Elogi… Will we be left with a ‘no-win’ bird federation in the 21st century?

The team that led the KBO in its heyday. A team with a lot of popularity but no championships. “LG Lotte KIA” was the name of a renaissance in the KBO.

The LG Twins are on the verge of winning the Korean Series. They swept Games 3 and 4 of the Korean Series against the KT Wiz in Suwon on October 10-11 and are just one step away from the title.

Some might say the name “Ki” doesn’t quite fit. They may not be a perennial powerhouse, but they did win the Korean Series in 2009 and 2017.

On the other hand, Lotte, whose last championships and last Korean Series appearances were in 1992 and 1999, and LG, in 1994 and 2002, had similar feelings. This is the reason why ‘elotki’ has been prolonged. Even as the name changed to ‘Elot Han’ (Hanwha) and ‘Elot Samhan’ (Samsung Hanwha), the ‘Elot’ alliance remained strong. The rivalry was even stronger when the teams played head-to-head, regardless of performance, and fought muddy battles called “Elot Rashiko”.

The fandom’s feelings for each other are also special. On July 4 last year, Lotte was also the opponent of LG’s permanent numbered legend Park Yong-taek’s retirement ceremony. Park Yong-taek left to warm congratulations after settling the score.

But now, it looks like the ELOT spark is coming to an end. This year, LG went 10-6 against Lotte. It’s not just the head-to-head record, but also the fact that there haven’t been many overtime battles like in the past.

LG won the regular season title on October 4 after beating Lotte in Busan. It was the first game after both KT and NC lost the previous day to secure a direct ticket to the Korean Series. It was a small but formal ceremony, with Lotte’s permission to display the regular season title on the Sajik Stadium scoreboard.

Lotte has never won a regular season title despite being a 42-year-old team that has been in the KBO since its inception in 1982, so it was a different kind of pain for Busan fans.

It was LG that ended Lotte’s hopes for fall baseball this season. On October 10, LG won 7-0 against Lotte in Jamsil, completing Lotte’s trademark number. 보스토토 주소

With LG’s victory, only the Kiwoom Heroes (who have yet to win a Korean Series title in the 21st century) and the Lotte Giants and Hanwha Eagles (who won in 1999 and last appeared in the Korean Series in 2006) remain among the KBO’s 10 franchises.

However, Kiwoom is a powerhouse, having produced major leaguers over the years and reaching the postseason nine times in the last 11 years. In the end, only the Bird Alliance (Lotte Seagulls and Hanwha Eagles) remains. In the same period, the two teams have only made it to fall baseball once (Lotte 2017, Hanwha 2018).

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