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Where’s Otani, the ‘Top Booking’? ‘ML Free Agent Market Opens Up’

Major League Baseball’s 2023-24 offseason is in full swing. While several big contracts are likely to be signed, the player attracting the most attention is Shohei Ohtani, 29.

On July 7,, the official website of Major League Baseball, announced on its official social media that “Free agency is officially underway. Who will get Ohtani?” on its official social media account.

Ohtani’s destination has been the biggest question mark since before the season began. With the highest offer in Major League Baseball history already booked, the only question is where. 보스토토 주소

The highly anticipated extension and trade with the Los Angeles Angels never materialized. As a result, Ohtani hit the free agent market.

He received a qualifying offer from the Angels. A total of seven players, including Ohtani, were eligible for the $20.32 million qualifying offer.

However, the chances of Ohtani accepting it are close to zero. There is a very high probability that all seven players will decline this time. It’s been said that they’ve only made offers to players they know will reject them.

Currently, the Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels, Texas Rangers, and San Francisco Giants have been mentioned as possible destinations for Ohtani.

Despite being unavailable as a pitcher right now, Ohtani has signed one of the best contracts of all time. His negotiations and eventual destination will be closely watched throughout the winter.

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