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GK Coach Kim Bum-soo, ‘Teacher of Kim Seung-gyu and Cho Hyun-woo’, holds GK clinic in Jeonju Seo

Goalkeeping (GK) coach Kim Bum-soo, formerly the head coach of Ulsan Hyundai in professional soccer, hosted the GK Clinic. It is an annual talent donation event to discover and nurture the next generation of goalkeepers in Korean soccer.

Coach Kim held the GK Clinic at Wansan Sports Park in Jeonbuk for two days and one night from March 30th. He generously shared his know-how as a player and coach with goalkeepers from middle and high school soccer teams registered with the Jeonbuk Football Association.

Coach Kim has been conducting GK clinics as a talent donation for nearly 20 years. It started with his participation in the GK Clinic held by ‘Keeper 2004,’ the first class of goalkeeper coaching license students issued by the Korea Football Association. Cha Sang-kwang, Kim Hyun-tae, Cho Byung-duk, Park Chul-woo, Kim Pung-joo, Kim Sung-soo, Choi Ik-hyung, and Choi Jung-dong, along with other top Korean goalkeeping coaches, started a clinic to help youth goalkeepers improve their skills.

Since then, the number of coaches has decreased for various reasons, but Coach Kim hasn’t let go of his commitment. There are many schools and club teams in Korea that don’t have their own GK coaches, so there was a need for a program to teach them how to train effectively. Initially held in Suwon, the GK Clinic has been held in parallel with Jeonju since 2015.

There was a time when the clinic was centered around famous GK players, but most of them have since disappeared. Aside from for-profit GK classes, Coach Kim is the only person in Korea who continues to run GK clinics with the help of former and current goalkeepers.

Kim is known as the ‘studying GK coach’. In 2011, he became the first Korean to obtain the English Football Association (FA) GK license (B). Since then, he has worked as a full-time coach at the Korea Football Association, the Women’s National Team and Ulsan Hyundai. At Ulsan, he was reunited with Kim Seung-kyu and Cho Hyun-woo, who he met at the youth national team and became priests with.

With the women’s national team, he led them to the round of 16 at the Women’s World Cup, and with Ulsan, he reached the top of the Asian Champions League. She also holds the highest level of coaching certification (P), which is rare for a GK coach.

Coach Kim resumed his clinics last year after a brief hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The clinic was attended by many active GK coaches in the Jeonbuk region, including the main instructor, Coach Kim. Physical coach Lee Tae-kwan was also on hand to give the young prospects tips on how to manage their physical condition.

The players received the seniors’ know-how through systematic and diverse training, including basic stances, catching, saving, one-on-one defense, and shooting defense. 토토사이트

Coach Kim Bum-soo said, “Korean football is crying out for a new Asia, but the goalkeeping position is still a ‘barren’ area,” adding, “There are still many players who struggle due to the lack of a systematic and professional training system. We wanted to teach the juniors from our hometown first, so we teamed up with local coaches to organize the GK clinic,” he said.

“We will continue to follow the progress of these players as they grow into professionals, national teams, and eventually coaches. The opportunity

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