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Lotte’s Jeon Jun-woo quietly visits Changwon NC Park, and next year he’ll be a player, not a spectator, in the fall stage

Changwon NC Park, where the third game of the playoffs between NC and KT took place on the 2nd. A familiar face visited the baseball field. It was Lotte Giants outfielder Jeon Jun-woo. He received tickets from Son Asub (NC outfielder), who played with him in Lotte, and watched the game with an acquaintance.

“Of course, I’m watching the postseason games,” Jun-woo said to reporters at the inauguration of new manager Kim Tae-hyung on March 24. I’m very envious of the postseason itself,” he said.

He also said, “I’m in contact with Son almost every day. It’s great to see my favorite brother doing well. KT (who went straight to the playoffs) has Hwang Jae-gyun. I decided that if NC and KT meet in the playoffs, I’ll be there because I have favorite brothers,” he added. He came to Changwon NC Park to fulfill a promise he made to his younger brothers.

He was wearing a hoodie and a hat, but his broad shoulders gave him away. Fans were surprised to see the world star in the stands instead of on the field and approached him cautiously, asking for autographs and selfies. In response, Jeon Jun-woo showed his sweet side by responding to the fans’ requests one by one.

Joon-woo, who joined Lotte in 2008 after graduating from Gyeongju National University and Konkuk University, has played 1616 games in the first team, batting .325 (6039 hits, 1812 runs) with 196 home runs, 888 RBIs, 996 runs scored, and 133 stolen bases. In 138 games this season, he batted .312 (493-for-154) with 17 home runs, 77 RBIs, 80 runs scored and nine stolen bases.

When he first became eligible for free agency, Jeon signed a four-year deal worth a maximum total of 3.4 billion won. Due to the poor market conditions at the time, he did not receive the full value he deserved. Since then, players who have performed less well than Jeon have received much better deals. Even fans have expressed their disappointment with Jeon’s contract.

He will be a free agent for the second time at the end of this season, and unlike his first contract, it seems likely that he will get the recognition he deserves. He has proven that ‘age is just a number’ and has gotten to where he is today solely through hard work. He’s never gotten caught up in gossip and is a player that everyone on the team recognizes. He has a great reputation both on and off the field. 토토사이트

New Lotte manager Kim Tae-hyung also emphasized the need for Jun-woo, who combines skill, experience, character, and leadership. “A true leader in the clubhouse” is indispensable for Kim Tae-hyung’s cruise.

Park Jun-hyuk, Lotte’s first publicly-trained manager, has watched Jun-woo since he was a rookie, especially in the team support department, and knows better than anyone what a good player and a good person he is.

This year, he sat in the stands and watched others feast, but next year, he is preparing for the next season by training every single day in order to become the main character of the fall stage.

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