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Villa striker is ‘the ultimate fan service’ – from giving a jersey to a crying young fan to being called “the kindest player in the EPL”

English Premier League side Aston Villa recently took on AZ Alkmaar in the third round of the UEFA Europa Conference Group E at the AFAS Stadium in the Netherlands.

The match ended in a 4-1 victory for the hosts, but the British media focused more on what happened on the pitch than on the result. It’s a sad story with a happy ending.

There was a placard in the stands at the AFAS stadium. It was held up by a young fan. “Moussa Diaby, I want your jersey,” it read.

It was put up by a boy who was a fan of the Aston Villa striker, but since it was Aston Villa against the Netherlands, I assumed it was a fan who lived in the Netherlands. Turns out, he lives in England.

He had traveled all the way to the Netherlands on purpose to see Diaby play on a “European stage” outside of England. Perhaps because of his young age, he didn’t come alone, but with his parents.

And this boy made the placard from the heart. He even wrote it in French so that Diaby, who is from France, would recognize it.

But this young fan’s hopes were shattered before the game. Instead of holding the placard, he hung it on the railing of the stadium’s stands. The stadium stewards deemed it inappropriate and took it down.

Instead of returning it to its owner, the steward ripped it to shreds and threw it in the trash. It’s hard not to wonder if this could have happened if the banner had the home team’s supporters on it. Seeing his banner turned into trash, the young fan burst into tears. He was so emotional that the camera caught him crying. Of course, the stewards were doing their job. He explained to the boy that he had to do it because it was against the rules. After hearing this explanation, the boy fell into the ranger’s arms and cried loudly. Up until this point, it’s a sad, sad story.

But then a twist happened. After the game, the news reached the Aston Villa players. It reached Diaby’s ears. When Diaby heard the news, he came out of the dressing room to look for the boy. He found the boy, who hadn’t left the field, and gave him the jersey he wore that day. They took a photo together. The teary-eyed young fan was all smiles. 굿모닝토토 주소

The club posted a video of the encounter on social media, captioning it “This is the heart of our players”.

One Aston Villa fan commented: “I love scenes like this. Aston Villa are doing something right. This boy’s night started with tears, but thankfully it ended with a happy ending,” and “This is a story that brings me joy. The club that does this for us is the most special club for us. Tonight will be that boy’s night,” or “We are a special club with the kindest players,” or “Tonight has been a totally special night.”

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