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“I’ve become a legend” Son Heung-min’s unique number is 805…Tottenham unveils ‘legacy number’

Tottenham Hotspur has unveiled a ‘legacy number’ for each of its former first-team players in order of appearance.

“We have launched a new project to celebrate the contribution of all the players who have represented the club in the first-team game,” the club said on its website on Saturday. Launching today, Legacy Numbers will give every player in history a unique number to represent their place in the club’s history since the first recorded first-team match, an English Football Association Cup (FA Cup) tie on October 13, 1894.” The club announced the Legacy Numbers.

There are a total of 879 Legacy Numbers, and the latest to be assigned the number 879 is Alejo Velis, the promising Argentine striker who joined Tottenham last summer. Bellis came on as a substitute in last month’s Premier League (PL) match against Liverpool. Numbers 1 through 11 have also been assigned to players who have made their first recorded first-team appearance for Tottenham, in alphabetical order by name.

The legacy numbers, which will remain unique to the players, will be worn on the players’ jerseys starting with this weekend’s match against Crystal Palace. “From the next PL game against Palace, all current players will wear a unique Legacy Number down the neck of their shirt,” Tottenham explained.

There are also rules in place for players who will be given a legacy number in future appearances for Tottenham. Players who make their debuts in the same game will be given numbers in alphabetical order, while those who come on as substitutes in the same game will receive numbers in the order they were substituted. If they came on as substitutes at the same time, they would be numbered in the order they entered the pitch.

Spurs then revealed the legacy numbers of every player who has made a Tottenham first-team appearance since an FA Cup tie on October 13, 1894. The numbers range from past Spurs legends such as Jimmy Greaves (448), Paul Gascoigne (573), Gary Lineker (580) and Teddy Sheringham (599) to more recent names such as Ledley King (649) and Gareth Bale (726). To honor the legends, Tottenham included a brief description of each of them.

Tottenham’s all-time leading scorer, Harry Kane, who left the club for Bayern Munich last summer, was numbered 767. Tottenham said of Kane: “Our greatest goalscorer of all time went on to become one of the best players in the world in North London. Coming through the youth ranks, he enjoyed a great journey with us, scoring 280 goals for the club in his final season, surpassing Jimmy Greaves’ all-time goalscoring record (266).” 짱구카지노

Jürgen Klinsmann, the current manager of the South Korean national soccer team and a former Tottenham player, wore the number 617. Lee Young-pyo, a South Korean player who played for Tottenham before Son Heung-min, was number 709. Most recent and current Spurs players have numbers in the 800s.

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