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Man Utd return off the cards…Greenwood wants ‘full transfer’ to Getafe

Mason Greenwood is considering a full-time move to Spain.

Greenwood was touted as the future of Manchester United and the future of England. At 6-foot-2, he has good physicality and has stood out at a young age for his composure, finishing ability, influence in the box, and physicality. His main position is right winger, but he is also versatile enough to play left winger and center forward.

He made his professional debut early. When he was just 18 years old, he made appearances in the Premier League (PL) and UEFA Champions League (UCL) in the 2018-19 season. By 2019-20, he had established himself as a regular starter, scoring 10 goals and providing one assist in 31 league games. In 2020-21, he scored 12 goals and provided 6 assists in 52 games, including cup competitions, and although he played less in 2021-22, he still proved to be a valuable ‘superstar’ prospect.

His stock continued to rise. But then something untoward happened. Last October, an ex-girlfriend, Harriet Robson, came forward to say that she had been sexually assaulted by Greenwood in the past. The incident led to a police investigation and Greenwood’s suspension from the sport. The prospect of legal repercussions put Greenwood’s entire career in jeopardy.

After a lengthy legal battle, Greenwood was found not guilty. All charges against him were dropped and the prosecution stopped. Greenwood wanted to make a comeback, and his destination was United. But public opinion was not favorable. The United women’s team was also against Greenwood’s return. In the end, United couldn’t bring him back, and he left for Getafe on loan this summer.

Greenwood continued his career at Getafe. After a long absence, he’s slowly regaining his form. Five league games in, he played his first full game against Athletic Bilbao and picked up an assist. He also scored his debut goal against Celta Vigo in the preceding match. 메이저놀이터

Greenwood is adjusting to life in Getafe. He’s even considering a permanent move. According to British outlet The Sun, Greenwood wants to make a permanent move to Getafe next summer as he believes it would be difficult to return to United at the end of his loan. Greenwood’s loan deal does not have a ‘transfer out’ option. Therefore, a full transfer would have to be renegotiated by Getafe and United. Given Greenwood’s potential, it would be a hefty transfer fee, but given that he only has one year and eight months left on his contract at United, and given the fact that public opinion is still not in favor of a return to the club, it’s possible that Getafe could come up with a deal.

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