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Ronaldo was the highest paid athlete in the past year, earning an estimated $352.3 million.

Saudi Arabia’s Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) earned the most money of any soccer player in the world in the past year, according to a new report.

Ronaldo earned $260 million (about 352.3 billion won) in the past year, according to a ranking of soccer players’ earnings released Thursday by U.S. business magazine Forbes.

Ronaldo joined Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nasr in January and was estimated to have earned $200 million from the deal. Forbes also calculated that Ronaldo receives $60 million from sponsors such as Nike.

Last year, the top player on this list was Kylian Mbappe (France), who earned $128 million per year. This year, the runner-up is Lionel Messi (Argentina), who earns $135 million a year. Ronaldo’s move to the Saudi Arabian league means he now earns nearly twice as much as Messi, who went on to play professional soccer in the United States. 토토사이트

Meanwhile, more than half of the top five players are from the Saudi Arabian league. In addition to Ronaldo, Neymar (Brazil) is third with $112 million and Karim Benzema (France) is fifth with $106 million.

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