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STL Dominican Training Facility Struck by Robbery

The St. Louis Cardinals’ training facility in the Dominican Republic has been robbed.

The Associated Press reported on Thursday (Aug. 14) from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The Cardinals acknowledged the damage in a statement.

According to the team, armed robbers entered the complex between 0:30 and 4 a.m. local time on Friday and stole money, cell phones, jewelry, and baseball equipment.
President of Baseball Operations John Mozeliak said, “This is terrifying. Our players and staff are shocked, but unharmed. No one was injured. We’re going to review our security.” 먹튀검증

Dominican Republic police spokesman Diego Pesquera told the AP that at least five armed robbers entered the complex, tied up security guards and carried out the crime.

They added that an exact list of thefts or property damage has not yet been tallied.

The suspects have also reportedly not yet been identified.

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