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‘Surprise third-place’ Gwangju continues surge with ‘woman power’…FC Phoenix’s departure ceremony complete

Confident women in Gwangju FC uniforms take the field.

Gwangju FC announced that at the 33rd round home game of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 against Gangwon FC at the Gwangju Football Stadium on the 8th, Gwangju FC’s women’s football team, FC Phoenix, which will compete in the 2023 K League K-WIN Cup on the 14th at the Jecheon Football Center in Chungcheongbuk-do, held a departure ceremony and made a bold statement for the competition.

Gwangju’s women’s soccer team is named FC Phoenix. It is an Englishization of the phoenix, a bird that never dies, to convey the meaning of never giving up and never falling. In addition, the team is determined to soar as high as the Gwangju emblem worn by the professional players, and to continue the surge in K League 1 with ‘woman power’.

The 12 members of the FC Phoenix team, who were selected through a test in August, range in age from 20s to 40s, including those who applied for the team just because they like soccer, those who have recently developed an interest in soccer, those who have built up their skills through regular matches against men, and those who are teachers in Gwangju, parents of Gwangju U-12, and employees of the Gwangju Sports Association.

The team members, who did not know how to kick the ball, let alone basic physical fitness, sweated hotly for over a month through steady training and self-management, and developed a strong will to compete in the tournament through regular practice matches with other local women’s soccer teams. 메이저놀이터

Gwangju U-12 coach Lim Jun-hyung said, “I was under pressure to improve my skills as well as the fun of soccer, but when I saw with my own eyes the team’s focus, determination, and increasingly good performance, I finally started to enjoy the training as well. “The pure passion of these women has enlightened me as a leader, and I hope to build valuable memories while enjoying the competition.

Gwangju General Manager Lim Geun-hoon said, “No one expected Gwangju to do well at the beginning of this season. However, the professional squad is currently dominating the K League 1 with an impressive third place in the league. There’s no reason why our women’s soccer team can’t follow suit. We will do our best to support the FC Phoenix team to finish the tournament injury-free,” he said.

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