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Man Utd, that’s a bit much… ’72 games=6666 minutes a year’ icon of abuse

Bruno Fernandez was the most abused player over the past year.

The International Federation of Football Players (FIFPro) today released the results of a study that examined the playing records of 1,800 professional men’s and women’s soccer players over the past year. The results show that professional soccer players are exposed to a very high risk of injury.

The player with the most playing time in a single year, from September 15, 2022 to September 15, 2023, was Bruno, who plays for Manchester United. Bruno played 6,666 minutes in one year. That’s about 74 matches. He actually played 72 matches.

Based on the number of matches derived from travel time, Bruno played a match every 4.9 days for 365 days. Considering that the European season typically ends in late May and starts again in mid-August, it’s safe to say that Bruno played every game during the season with little rest.

The extent of Bruno’s abuse is quite serious. Since the 2018 Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup in Russia, Bruno has played a whopping 29,486 minutes. 메이저사이트 That’s about 327 matches. We can conclude that he played around 75 matches every season.

That’s a lot of work for any player, no matter how fit they are. The Portuguese national team and United should be grateful that Bruno has managed to stay injury-free for so long.

FIFPro President David Aganzo said: “The health and safety of players is paramount. Excessive travel time is still the biggest issue for players competing at the highest level. “We are very concerned about the health of our players as the calendar of events continues to grow and there are not enough safeguards in place to protect their health, performance and careers.

This is not only a concern for FIFPro, but also for the coaches and players themselves who are watching their players every week.

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