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‘1H Slump→5H Reversal’ Autumn Yusum, What the heck has changed and how?

Nearly a 5% batting average since September. What’s going on with the ‘fall’ Han Yoo-seom?

SSG Landers’ Han Yoo-seom’s bat is heating up. After a six-hit game against the Incheon NC Dinos on April 4, Han was in a severe hitting slump until August. His balance was off and he hadn’t been able to regain his feel for the game after revising his batting form earlier in the season.

By August, he was just 2-for-3 on the season. With just four home runs and 28 RBIs, he was unable to break out of his slump and was missing more and more days in the starting lineup. With Han’s slump, SSG’s central batting lineup was overloaded with Choi Jung and Guillermo Heredia, as their long balls dropped significantly.

However, things started to turn around in September. Han had seven “multi-hit” games in September alone, including two four-hit games and two three-hit games. After batting 4-for-3 in September, he went 6-for-6 in his first three games of October with eight hits in 12 at-bats. Since September alone, his batting average is nearly 5 percent at 4.668. The 2018 Korean Series MVP and contributor to last year’s overall championship has been nicknamed “Autumn Yusum” because he is unusually strong in the fall, but it’s unusual to see him do the exact opposite after being deep in a one-hit slump until August.

Han attributes his rebound to “hitting the right pitches in the right situations. This means that rather than sticking to big swings, he’s now paying more attention to short strikes than before. “When the score difference is large, I aim for long shots, and when it’s close, I think about short shots. I don’t think about the batting form, 토토사이트 I just think about the timing that is most comfortable for me to hit,” he said.

Looking at Hanyusum, SSG coach Kim Won-hyung said, “Her ability to handle the ball after 2S has improved. He’s been hitting with the ball in play more, contacting the changeup well, and getting more hits to the right. The batting direction is evenly distributed.” However, he also analyzed that “in his (favorable) counts, he is confidently rotating his fastball and getting a lot of hard hits.”

SSG has been without Choi Jung recently due to injury, as well as Park Sung-han and Choi Ji-hoon, who were both called up to the Asian Games team. However, the offense has come alive. At the center of it all is the resurgence of Hanyusum.

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