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‘Faster than Lee Ho-sung’ 1m90 with unwavering balance, complete fireballer signed for 250 million won

The Samsung Lions announced on Thursday that they have completed the signing of 10 rookies for the 2024 rookie class, including first-rounder Yuk Sun-yup (Jang Chung-go).

The Samsung Lions signed Yuk Sun-yup (Jang Chung-go), the fourth overall pick in the first round of the 2024 Rookie Draft, for a contract worth 250 million won.

Yuk Sun-yeop is a prospect with excellent physical condition at 1.90 meters and 90 kilograms, with the ability to throw fastballs and changeups. He is expected to be a part of the starting lineup in the future.

Even with the best hardware, he has a soft pitching form with good flexibility. His fastball tops out at 151 mph with room to get even faster. He also has a complete arsenal of pitches, including curveballs and splitters. He has the ability to go the distance and is expected to develop into a big league starter. He is compared to Lee Ho-sung (2023 first-round pick, 8th overall, 1m84, 87kg), who is a year older and was considered a complete rookie. Lee is more physically fit and has a faster ball, so he is expected to grow into a one-two punch in the future.

Initially, Samsung was looking at Kyungpook National University’s Jeon Mir and Jang Chung-go’s Yuk Sun-yeop. With third-ranked Lotte selecting Jeon Mir, it naturally made sense to select Yuk in the first round. 토토사이트

“He is a player with a fierce passion for baseball,” said Samsung general manager Hong Jun-hak at the time of the selection, “and I hope he can establish himself as a starting pitcher in three years.”

The team also signed second-rounder Park Jun-yong (Suseong University) for 150 million won and fourth-rounder Jung Min-sung (Gunsan Sangil-Go) for 80 million won.

The 2024 rookies will have a “Rookie Day” before the game against Hanwha at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu to meet the team and greet fans.

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