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‘One more point for Ferguson’ referee slams opposition player on social media, Liverpool MF faces disciplinary action

McAllister faces disciplinary action over social media posts.

Liverpool midfielder Alexis Sanchez is facing disciplinary action from the English Football Association (FA). All for a single sentence on social media.

The Reds lost 1-0 away to Tottenham on Sunday, ending their unbeaten start to the season. For the first time in almost six months, the Reds had to swallow the bitter pill of defeat.

They deserved to lose, but it was unfair. Luis Díaz’s goal in the 34th minute was disallowed for offside. According to the VAR, it was a difficult offside call, but the decision didn’t change. The Professional Match Officials’ Organization of England (PGMOL) confirmed that the call was wrong.

Two players, Curtis Jones and Diogo Jota, were sent off. The dismissals were a disappointment for Liverpool, but the fact that they were able to hold on for a 2-2 draw away from home was impressive. Joel Matip’s own goal just before the end of the game sent Liverpool into celebration.

Tottenham players took to social media to celebrate the victory. One of them was defender Cristian Romero, but fellow Argentine McAllister found Romero’s social media posts a bit too much. McAllister sarcastically commented that it was ‘normal when you have 12 men’. The implication was that the referee was in Tottenham’s favor. 토토사이트

Romero then fired back, saying, “Cry at home.

The Sun reported that McAllister’s retort could constitute contempt for the referee and that the FA could discipline him. Former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson once said, “Social media is a waste of life.” He meant that professional athletes don’t need to make unnecessary comments on social media.

McAllister has already been sent off once this season, serving a three-match suspension. The good news is that his suspension was overturned after it was deemed unfair.

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