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“It only tells you left and right” Gentlemen’s agreement in private selection, Lee Lee Gu Changmo butterfly effect → Korea is not at a disadvantage. Why?

“We don’t announce the starters. But we’ll let them know if (the starter) is right-handed or left-handed (manager Ryu Jung-il).”

Baseball is the national sport of Japan and Taiwan. It is also the most popular sport in South Korea. As such, sparks fly whenever the three countries meet in international competition.

In the case of the Asian Games, Japan pulls out all the stops and competes as a social baseball team.

This is not the case for South Korea and Taiwan, where military service benefits are at stake. Taiwan, in particular, has assembled a de facto domestic and international all-star squad for the Games, with seven minor leaguers and three Japanese leaguers.

Baseball at the Hangzhou Asian Games will begin on October 1.

But just before the tournament, a player was hit by a Taiwanese player. They asked the organizing committee to close the training sessions at Xiaoxing Baseball Stadium to foreign media.

This was clearly a preemptive move by the Chinese Taipei team to take on South Korea in the second round of the group stage. The Korea-Taiwan game is the de facto semifinal. Both teams have everything to play for.

The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) has responded in kind: training on the 29th was open to the public. However, the Korean national team closed the doors to foreign media on the 30th. “The Korean team is only open to Korean media, and the Taiwanese team is only open to Taiwanese media,” reads a notice in the press room at the Xiaoxing Baseball Stadium.

Earlier, the KBO announced, “There is no obligation to announce the starting pitcher. It has been finalized by the technical committee.” The team led by Ryu Jung-il will be playing in a completely different environment from the KBO, where starting pitchers are announced the day before the game. The only time both teams officially learn about each other’s starting pitchers and lineups is an hour and a half before the start of the game when lineup cards are exchanged.

“We decided to let them know in advance whether they are left-handed or right-handed,” said Ryu Jung-il, who met with the team after practice. “We don’t have any left-handed starters. They are all right-handed pitchers.” “Besides Kwak Bin Moon Dong-ju, Park Se-woong and Won Tae-in are in very good shape. We are thinking about when to use them.”

We checked and found out that the only time the two teams have to tell each other whether their starting pitchers are left or right-handed is the day before the game.

It’s not a tournament rule, but a gentleman’s agreement between teams. It’s a gentleman’s agreement that says, “We’ll usually tell you the day before the game. There’s no time frame for when this happens. It’s not enforceable or binding. 레고토토

There is no disadvantage for South Korea if they tell us whether it’s left or right handed.

South Korea will have a total of six starting pitchers for the tournament. Park Se-woong, Nak Kyun-an, Kwak Bin, Won Tae-in, Moon Dong-joo, and Jang Hyun-seok are all right-handers. With the departure of Koo Chang-mo and Lee Yi-ri just before departure, all left-handed starters are gone.

Ryu has mentioned utilizing the bullpen for two left-handed pitchers, Choi Ji-min and Kim Young-gyu.

Lin Yi-min (Double-A Arizona), the projected starter against South Korea, is a lefty. In addition to Lin, Chinese Taipei has another lefty in Wang Yen-chung.

South Korea, which is attempting to win its fourth consecutive Asian Games title, will open the tournament against Hong Kong on Nov. 1, followed by games against Chinese Taipei on Nov. 2 and Thailand on Nov. 3.

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