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“Is it because he’s bald?” Vidal’s bullshit again…Ronaldo and the misplaced Ten Hach snipe

It looks like someone needs to put words in Arturo Vidal’s mouth.

Britain’s “The Sun” reported on Friday (Aug. 25) that “Vidal has criticized manager Eric ten Hague. The criticism was directed at Van Gaal’s treatment of Cristiano Ronaldo and cited his shaved head as the reason.”

Indeed, Ronaldo left the team after a falling out with coach Van Gaal. Of course, Ronaldo’s disloyalty was an issue. After missing the preseason due to a family emergency ahead of the 2022-23 season, Ronaldo was pushed out of the starting lineup early in the season, mostly on the bench.

Unhappy with his playing time, Ronaldo took his frustrations out on Van Gaal. In an October match against Tottenham Hotspur, he was disciplined by the club for heading to the locker room first with five minutes left in the game. He was left out of the squad for all subsequent league games, didn’t attend training, and had a falling out with Van Gaal.

Then, while speaking to the media ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Ronaldo shocked everyone with a bombshell statement. “I feel betrayed by Manchester United,” Ronaldo said. Some club officials are trying to get rid of me. The club hasn’t improved since Alex Ferguson left,” he said. When asked about Van Gaal, he showed signs of discomfort, saying, “He doesn’t respect me, so neither do I.” The interview, in which he publicly criticized the club, led to the club terminating Ronaldo’s contract, bringing a bittersweet end to his romantic return after nearly 12 years.

Ronaldo’s ignominious departure was met with sympathy from a number of legends. Former United captain Antonio Valencia appeared on a British TV program and said, “It’s very unfortunate that Ronaldo left United in that way. A player like him should leave to a huge ovation from the fans in the stadium. The fans loved him,” he said.

For his part, Vidal lays the blame squarely at the feet of Van Gaal. “How can they think of taking Ronaldo out, it doesn’t make sense to treat him like this, he’s a goal scoring machine,” Vidal said.

He then launched into a ridiculous personal attack on coach Van Gaal. “Bald people are complicated, that’s how they come together,” Vidal blurted out. 메이저놀이터

This isn’t Vidal’s first gaffe. In the past, Vidal has shown his highlight videos on his personal broadcast and said, “I scored a goal away at Hannover. It was my first goal in Europe. Some time later, the opposing goalkeeper fell into depression and took his own life.” The goalkeeper Vidal is referring to is Robert Enke, a former captain of the German national team. Encke suffered from severe depression after the death of his young daughter and ended his life by throwing himself in front of a moving train.

Vidal was criticized by many on social media and in the press for his disrespectful remarks. Nevertheless, he didn’t seem to have come to his senses yet.

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