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“Minjae Kim, Tuchel’s dream defender” “Monster Praise Song” in Munich’s local paper

‘Thomas Tuchel has acquired an absolute dream defender’

The Munich Mercury, a local newspaper in Munich, Germany, introduced Bayern Munich’s new starting center back Kim Min-jae on Saturday (ET). In particular, it emphasized that Bayern’s Tuchel is a big fan of Kim.

MunichMercurial said, “Kim Min-jae came from SSC Napoli. He is Tuchel’s dream defender. Even fans wearing Napoli and Fenerbahçe shirts came to see him. This shows that he made a lasting impression at his former club.

Every season, Kim has stepped up his game. From China to Turkey, from Turkey to Italy, and from Italy to German Bundesliga giants Bayern in three years, he achieved the feat of being named the league’s best defender in Serie A, the home of defense, in the 2022-2023 season.

According to MunichMercurial, the Bavarians have been watching Kim since his time in Turkey, with the outlet stating, “Bayern had their eye on him in Istanbul. At the time, Bayern’s chief scout traveled to Turkey several times to get to know the player.

Munich Mercury reported that Tuchel personally convinced Kim to join the club.

‘Tuchel spoke to Kim personally,’ the outlet said. He asked him to come to Bayern from Napoli. Tuchel had previously spoken highly of Korean players. His favorite pupil at Mainz was Park Joo-ho. The interesting thing is that Kim Min-jae also got information about Tuchel from Park Joo-ho,” he says, highlighting the deep connection between Tuchel and Korean players.

‘Park Joo-ho will be commentating on the Korean broadcast of the Bundesliga starting this season,’ said MunichMercurial. He focused on Kim Min-jae, but also criticized Bayern’s performance in the first half.

Münchenmerkur was also interested in the Korean hand heart sign. It’s a pose that Kim used in a photo shoot for the club. 메이저사이트

The outlet said, “Kim sometimes posed with a special gesture. He crossed his thumb and index finger. This shape, which looks like an X at first glance, is known as a heart in Korea. It’s a sign of love to his fans. His uncompromising attitude on the field earned him the nickname Monster, but he also shows a softer side off the field,” revealing his reverse charm.

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